A Simplified Management Solution

The Integrated Project Management Solution to Simplify your Business or Enterprise


Simplify Your Enterprise

Leverage the power of software to manage more efficiently with integrated analysis and reporting


Integrated Solutions

Combine Independent Data Sources to Gain a Deeper Understanding of What Drives Your Business



Simplex Solutions works side by side with each client to understand their specific business problems and build a customized solution to help solve it. Simplex specializes in software integration, mobile tracking tools and dashboard reporting.

Instead of a “one size fits all” solution, Simplex focuses on building a solution tailored specifically for you. By taking some time to understand your business and your problems, it is easy to build the right solution.

Every product is customized and tailored specifically for each client’s needs to maximize its efficiency. As your business grows and evolves, we will be right there with you, adapting your solutions along the way.


Use custom forms and mobile applications to make collecting data from the field or other locations easy and secure.


Assure accuracy and completeness with automated data validation then route information for approval to various departments and managers.


Apply custom or industry standard calculations to approved data to automatically make useful information.


  • Mobile Applications
    Personalized task lists allow each team member to see the important items they need to focus on. Each task can be viewed and updated using mobile or desktop devices on customized forms designed to meet the specific business need.
  • Map Progress
    Enhance your understanding by utilizing GIS features to graphically show status updates and progress on interactive maps. Track information and documents by their corresponding location in the field and drill down to learn more about each location.
  • Earned Value Reporting
    Tie data together in third party system and run complex calculations at the click of a button. Integrate data from schedules, budgets and invoices to create automated cash flows. Track Earned Value and field progress with drill down capabilities.


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